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More Fun with Large Format Film Images!

P. Chong

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One more. This is the photographer, Calvin who assisted me for this portrait session. For my self portrait, I set up the camera, did the framing, chose the aperture annd shutter speed after metering him as the stand in. I also did the coarse focus, and he did the final fine focus as I switched places with him and became the sitter. He loaded the film and fired the shutter. Same camera, lens, film, development in the same Stearmann Press tank, and scans.

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Makiflex 150 F2.8 Auto Xenotar MINR Mammo by Nokton48, on Flickr

Foxglove on the back deck. Plaubel Makiflex with 150mm F2.8 Schneider Auto iris Xenotar lens wide open. 4X Neutral density filter added. Kodak MINR Mammography Film 18x24cm, cut down into four 9x12cm's. Microdol-X Legacy Developer 12 minutes at 74F. Aristo #2 RC 8x10 print, Omega DII laser aligned 180mm black Rodagon, Dektol dev 1:2. Handheld which I have been doing with Makiflexes a bit.

I like the "jagged" Xenotar Bokeh!