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PAW -- Picture A Week -- Have fun!


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This is a funny story, artist Werend Nauta (1944-2017) built a divisable bike since when taking your bike on the train in the Netherlands you have to pay a fee for a normal bike while a foldable bike is free. This went OK for several years until a dutifull train guard charged him a fee as well as a fine since only foldable bikes are free and a divisible bike was not the same in his opinion. Werend protested, first to the national railways and then to the transportation complaint authorities. At first they brushed him off but in the end he prevailed and was allowed to take his bike for free again. He even got reimbursed the fine (40 dutch guilders) he originally got but he didn't get back the one bike ticket he had to buy that time (12,50 guilders). After his early death in 2017 the bike and all corrospondence on the fee/fine were acquired by the Verbeke foundation in Kemzeke (Belgium) and put on display together.

Werend Nauta, split bike

Sony A7ii + Panagor 28/2 (OM mount)


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thanks, only been in Czechkei, Slovenia and Hungary many years ago....but Poland is somewhat nearer, and perhaps an easy goal (if Nato offer Russia a peace with a neutral Ukraine - we will see, I'll better write Biden)