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Phase One mirrorless announcement next week?


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If I found out through their site what it is already, with full images and details, should I post it here or let it be a surprise? :)


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Looks pretty cool, good timing too as I was about to inquire about a 12TC.
Yeah, It looks amazing. I wonder if they'll sell different mount adapters for 645 lenses and tech lenses.

I just picked up a Mercury 3D printed camera for use with my IQ3 + ES shutter and 645 lenses, which is basically a poor mans version of this.


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Admin delete. This is not supposed to be public

I'm being asked to remove . Hopefully I'm removing the correct images. I'm on the beach on vacation. LOL
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With what looks like a Rodenstock e shutter on the Lens, or something similar. Those retail in the 3K range, per lens per mount. Very limited in shutter speeds and usability outside of a studio.

That would give you a copal like shutter option and the e shutter like the A series used.

Very nice looking but possibly a bit limited as was the A series, both due to cost and function.

Paul C


What’s the betting on it (the shutter body module, no lens or back) costing about the same as the competitors 100mp body?


Maybe next time the Phase One website developer will remember to hide the page and learn how to use use IP filtering to keep the public out.
But then, the Phase One website didn't make much of a difference since, based on the instagram photograph, we already figured it out.


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My guess based on the leaked images is that it's still using the electronic shutter in the digiback. The housing around the lens seems too small for an electronic leaf shutter, controller, battery, as well as the shutter release linkage and aperture. Definitely not an FPS.

Curves on the bottom/left side of the body looks like a means to rotate between landscape/portrait orientation without removing the back.