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Planes, Trains and Automobiles


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Newfoundland had a narrow-gauge (1067 mm) railway network from 1898 until 1988. I'ts mainline ran across the whole island from St John's in the east to Port aux Basques in the southwest and had a few branches as well. See here for some more information.

Passenger service was already terminated in 1969 and a large part of the railbeds and bridges are still in place today and used as local roads. Most of the major cities along the line still have some static displays of remaining rolling stock.

Here's a few from St John's:


#906 "head on"

The train from the back

An inspection/maintenance car

The same, a side view

And here's one of the many still existing railway bridges, across the Gambo river, and now in use as a local road

All A7Rii, St John's material: Tamron FE 20/2.8 Di III OSD, Gambo river bridge: Tamron FE 150-500 Di III VC VXD


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Never noticed this sculpture/ornament before, Weesperplein, Amsterdam NL ... 🙄
That's very nice Bart, next time in Amsterdam I'm going to have a look at it as well. I've also never seen it before but it's a lovely sculpture (y)

I bet you do know about these (also late 1930's art in Amsterdam), the two famous murals painted by Dutch artist Peter Alma (1886 - 1969) in the Amstelstation

These were both painted in the period 1937-1939 and stood the test of time and are still there today!

The historical development of the locomotive - De historische ontwikkeling van de locomotief

The result of technical development - Het resultaat van technische ontwikkeling

Both A6000 + MB speedbooster + OM Zuiko 100/2.8