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Putting Faces to Names - (i.e. the Selfie thread)


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Out with the Panda's

..... selfie update ......

Long time since anyone posted in this thread, I am forgetting what you all look like!


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the Hepkitty on the right...(shot on Xmas eve)

Now some of you people think...that the HepKitty has grown old......But i'm still around you baby, now let the good times roll!



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Oppps....I just saw this is in the Leica forums...... oh well, I hope you Leica cats don't mind me crashing the party.... I am a Sony girl but I would love to shoot with a Leica.

scott kirkpatrick

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Encouraged by Godfrey's recent visit to a WWII airplane museum, here's a T-6 which I got to fly a little while back:

A good friend owns a share and instructs in it at Livermore.


(Picture actually taken with my E-M1 and a 4/3 11-22 lens.)



Hello everyone, in relation with Leica since 2008.


My Leica timeline:
- M8(sold) - M6(sold) - MP(sold) - M2(sold) - M3(sold) - M4(sold) - M7(sold) - MP3 - M3J(sold) - M7alc - M9(sold) - M9P(sold) - Monochrom(sold) - M240P - M9Ti - MPHermés - CL - CLE -

My most use lens:
- 21Elmarit ASPH - 35LuxASPH - Noct.95 - 90APO

Lens I want to buy:
- 28Cron ASPH silver
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Up and about for a walk around Volunteer Park which included the conservatory and a small selfie opportunity.

MM ~ VC 75/2.5