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Technical Camera Images


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Fujifilm GFX 100S, Arca-Swiss F-Univeralis, and Mamiya N 43mm f/4.5 L -- tilt to bring everything into focus.

I don't normally gravitate towards photographs of bridges and water control structures... The project this is a part of has been a nice push out of my comfort zone. Figuring out how to make a photograph of this kind of structure that someone might want to spend a few moments with to understand what's going on has been a good challenge, ideally suited to a technical camera.

R. de Loe GFXB7322.jpg


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I normally don't post this stuff, but the sunrise was so spectacular I decided to. When we finish a project to turnover to a tenant, I will always do an exterior shot. This morning just happened to be great, I was wishing I was shooting this in someplace like Death Valley or the Oregon Coast.

Cambo 1600 IQ4 150 Rodenstock 32mm
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... Death Valley has been spectacularly photographed by many -
you are the only one who will ever have photographed this building so spectacularly!
a really great job!
i wish more would photograph their work very well like you do here!