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fat pixel digital backs


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An older digital back doesn’t develop fat pixels and create that unique fat pixel look just because newer models have even thinner/smaller pixels.

Perhaps start a thread for images from CCD sensor backs of all types. That would showcase images from a sensor technology that has a unique look in it’s own right.
This was a reply, to me.


This is a 10 year old thread! May as well post a picture from today with a digital back that is almost twice as old...


Spring is near, Hasselblad 503CX, Phase One P25, Sonnar 5.6/250, 55mm extension

I've been having issues with colour cast on this back, it comes out teal on the right, and magenta on the left. So I've been playing with ways to correct this colour cast, this one isn't bad. Anyone have hints on correcting colour on these old back, let me know.


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Whether you like it or not, ~9 microns (or larger) was the criteria when this thread was created.

Hello Gary

Where would you post images taken with a HASSELBLAD CFV39 or alike then ? ? ? Just to make sure , to be in the correct thread .
It is not fat pixel but also not newest sensor size , like the 100MP and 150MP backs .


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Hi Jurgen. As Alan said. I think the CFV 39 is of a similar medium format digital generation (2009/2010) and technology as my Pentax 645D (which has a 40mp CCD sensor).



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Fat pixel backs are not dead yet! :)
I have a very special feeling for my old SInar 54h (9micron, proper "fat" back with a CCD Kodak made sensor) and in some cases prefer it even to my 50mp back, especially when using old analog lenses or when extreme movements are needed. 22mp is plenty enough as long as you do not need to print billboards.
Here is Sinar 54h with 120mm Super Symmar HM and quite extreme tilts and shift applied on SinarP3 to keep the slanted plane of focus intact. I did not take notes but it was some crazy two digit degree front tilt and a bit of swing, too to meet the Scheimpflug principle.
The aperture was around f18-f22, exposure time irrelevant as strobes used with no other light available.StGermain.jpg
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I've exclusively used a "fat pixel" back for the last four years and love the files. The only downside is that they are moiré machines.
And the better your lenses and technique, the more aliasing you'll get.

You can always try stopping down ... use diffraction as a low-pass filter.