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Fun with MF images 2021


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Incredible shots Vieri! I went to Iceland three times in 2019 caught the weather bad all three trips. I had either no light or no clouds. :)

Your images make me want to go back and try again.
Thank you very much Ed, that's truly very kind of you to say! :) Sorry to hear about your bad luck with the weather, I always go in winter so no clouds is very rarely happening :D No light, on the other hand, is not totally unknown to me in Iceland! :DI can't wait to go back, I never have enough of Iceland and I am looking forward to going there both in September and in December, this year. Will be nice to see the country with a little less cold weather.

Best regards,



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Look so chilled and relaxed! How do you enjoy shooting this combo btw?
Thank you! Southern Germany has many nice and calm corners with meadows, hills, and forests. I enjoy going for extended walks and hikes there.

The Hasselblad 500C/M is a very nice camera to work with, and the lenses are to my taste also very good on the 60mp back. Even though the workflow is slower than with modern cameras, I find it still reasonably fast due to the infinity stops of the lenses. Recommended!

Ed Hurst

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Bit of a project this one! Sydney by night.

Some of you may remember an image like this being posted by me last year. It was already a composite because the road in this scene isn't clear like this - there are overhead gantry signs etc. in the way - so I took the image and added a road / traffic trail scene taken elsewhere in Sydney. But, being me, I felt it would look better with proper star trails above the city skyline. So, back I went recently to shoot that scene. So what we have here is a composite of 1) the wide city scene 2) the road and traffic trails 3) the buildings/skyline/star trails put together. I find it pleasing but would never hold this up as one of my more naturalistic images :)

Pentax 645Z with 28-45 lens
StarTrailsFromFiles_IMG8642-9999And0001-1455Step7sRGBSMALL by Ed Hurst, on Flickr