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Fun with MF images 2021


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X1D & 45P - Out the window.

I like the 45P, but it will purple fringe in high contrast / high frequency / high diffraction areas easily ( Sky-backlit crossed branches etc ). A circular polarizer will help, I'm almost certain.

It's an amazing lens other than the fringing, and for the price is a steal. Almost every other aberration is well corrected in the lens design or automatically in camera / Phocus.
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Have reprocessed some files from my one and only visit to the Grand Canyon (Yavapai Point). Hope you like them...

Pentax 645Z with 28-45mm (@28mm)

90mm DFA

25mm DA (moonlit foreground)

150mm FA
These 2 are EXCELLENT.. I love the brooding tone of the 1st and the blotchy sunlight of the 2nd.


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Not everything I do is white foliage. Look! Color! The contrast of Central Park (made for everyone) and the towers (made for billionaires) is ... well, rather heavy handed, but what can you do? This one with the wide angle 24mm Super-Elmar-S.

And actual trees. In color. 250/5.6 Superachromat. I only use lenses with "super" in their names, apparently.