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Fun with MF images 2023

Ed Hurst

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Situated to the south of Sydney, Port Botany is one of Australia's largest container ports and handles a vast volume each year. It's located near Sydney's main airport in the same general part of the city where Britain's first fleet landed in 1787.

This particular vista isn't easy to get and I've been sussing out ways to get this angle for some time. I didn't want to attempt it until the weather cooled down, as it involves passing through an area that seems likely to be popular with snakes! In the foreground are the remains of a much older jetty.

Fuji GFX100S with Pentax 28-45mm lens @ approx. 31mm

Port Botany by night by Ed Hurst, on Flickr
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Ed Hurst

Well-known member
South Curl Curl beach has one of Sydney's many rock pools - always populated by keen, daily swimmers by 5am (many of them in their 80s!). Australia really is a place that's all about exercise...

Anyway, I dragged my much-less fit posterior out of bed this morning on the promise of a high-cloud forecast. That largely failed to eventuate, but thankfully these striations saved the day!

Fuji GFX100S with Laowa 20mm shift lens (and 4mm of upwards shift).