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Fun with MF images 2024


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Another series of eateries in KLCC Suria Mall. Shot on GFX 50S II with GF50 in 6524 x-pan mode, Acros simulation.

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The Xpan format is my favourite because of the environmental stretch - makes a difference to me to be able to see the crop in the viewfinder to compose- rather than try and manufacture something in post. The X2D unfortunately doesn't allow a B&W view of the scene- something I find missing in its current firmware offering - and (IMO) should be rectified ASAP. teh 100MP from both Hasselbald ad Fuji make for outstanding B&W 'covnersion' and (IMO) provides for enough data to make monochrome sensor - redundant. I enjoy making snaps of time and place in XPan mode - you can fit so much 'stuff in one frame...many layers..

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When conditions are favourable one can take a ride in a balloon over Melbourne and these start at dawn ( when the wind is usually still) I happened to be up early ( for me) when I noticed the balloons were flying- why not try a snap?

X2D | 35-75 @75 f9.5 ISO 400

Ed Hurst

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Dating back to the early 14th Century, St. Wulfram's church in Grantham (England) has a remarkable spire for a mere parish church - rising to 282 feet (making it the six tallest church spire in the country). There are elements of the church that date back even further, with Saxon and Norman features present.

I grew up in Grantham, before moving to other parts of the country then emigrating to Australia many years ago. I'm back in town to look after my Mum (who lives alone) as she recovers from surgery. She's now well enough that I'm gearing up to go home - and I've been able to go out and take a few pictures. As a child, I spent huge amounts of time in and about this church, having gone to C of E schools immediately adjoining it, so it's wonderful to be close to it again.

Fuji GFX100S with Laowa 20mm lens with 11mm of shift
804 files stacked, with low ISO files used for the foreground

StarTrailsFromFiles_DSF8633-9437_DxO_Step11sRGBSMALL by Ed Hurst, on Flickr


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From my latest visit to Death Valley. I did not bring a technical camera on this trip - only my Fuji 100 II and native lenses. I shot this area every one of the six mornings I was there and every morning was different. Weather was delightful and I was there with a full moon.

100 II, 110mm, three shot pan portrait position.

Victor B.

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