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Fun with MF images 2024


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From the same viewing point as my previous post ( Manly Beacon ) this is looking directly South and an image I have taken numerous times but never with a painted sky. It was just one of those good mornings. If I had been there with my AS or Cambo I would have shot this with my 72 Digitar which is the perfect lens for this. But.... didn't have that lens with me and am still very happy with the results. Taken before sunrise.

100 II, GF 80mm @ f5.6.

Victor B.

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Same here, Uwe seems to have figured out how to best sharpen images for sharing on the forum, but I always struggled with it too. This is why I started using Flickr to host photos that I share on the web.

Before I upload photos to Flickr I use a popular web resize and sharpening action developed by Alex Nail. I would share the link, but I just searched for it and it is returning a 404 page. Not sure if this is ok to share it, but what the heck… I have it saved here in a folder:

It is a treat. Basically a Photoshop action that is super simple to use, with instructions for making your own sizes. I use it ALL THE TIME.

Here is a FB post about it…
Thank you 🙌


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Today, our group of nature photographers met around the Chapel of Saint Hubertus in Tervueren, Belgium ...
I must admit that a 4-hours hike with the medium format gear in my backpack is "limit" for my age, but I love the slow shooting rhythm.

Here's a first shot, in fact it is a 3-shot HDR merge of the Chapel of Saint Hubertus shot during Golden Hour...

Phase One DF / IQ 140 / Mamiya 50/4 Shift


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I have used this little guy before but he makes me smile so here he is again. Reminds me of John Travolta's finger up move in that disco movie. John was singing about stayin' alive. In the stump's case, however, decomposition has clearly set in. Disco zombie.
GFX II, 110mm

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