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P. Chong

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Quick one for today...a tale of two barber shops. Both no frills - no hair dying, no wash and blow, no perms, nothing. Just cut and go.

The first is a more traditional barber shop. Typically owner operated. Almost always male barbers. They offer wet shaves with a switch blade, and a haircut. That's it. Here is one in a local mall, though the more typical place is in the neighbourhoods of public housing.


And the second is a newer school, with emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene. One buys a token from a machine and use the token to get a cut. This quick and no frills approach was first developed in Japan (I believe), and this particular shop, just a couple of doors away from the first, is QB House, a Japanese company who promises to give you a haircut in 10 minutes for ¥1200 (about S$15 or USD11.50, so we are getting a discount compared to Japanese prices). Here the barbers are usually employees, or franchise owners.


Both photographed at the basement of Tiong Bahru Plaza, a local Singapore mall. Hasselblad H3D-39 with HC 3.5-4.5/50-110 lens. BW and jpeg conversion in Phocus. Final touchups in Photoshop.

dj may

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Lots of new snow in the neighborhood. Yesterday, I hiked through a local forest, climbing over, going around and crawling under many fallen trees. All while carrying 17kg of gear, which is typical for me. I also had the opportunity to see if my new trekking boots would keep my feet warmer in sub-freezing temperatures; they did. Eventually, I arrived at the Candycane Forest. ;)

Leica S3, Super Elmar-S 24


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Thanks so much for the kind words. I must admit I have felt the same way about several of your images. What is it about photogs that we crave every great shot to be one of ours? ;)
Ed, some truly superlative images have been posted recently that have blown me away. But I must say that #2 and #4 of this series are exceptional. Congratulations. And I hate you a little bit for getting these ;-)

Greg Haag

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Took a road trip with my oldest daughter this weekend to explore a potential school for her to get her Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art, my quest to entice her to pursue landscape photography so far has been unsuccessful. Anyway, I digress, in some of my down time I have gone thru old images and some of my favorites are ones I have taken of bald cypress trees. Trying to reprocess a few of these image with Capture One 21.

Cambo WRS-1600 IQ3 100 Rodenstock 32mm HRCypress.jpg
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Handheld 15 seconds. Woodland cabin in Devon, UK.

P30+ and 80mm.

View attachment 180926
It is refreshing to see an artistic rendering in this forum instead of ...

Impressionism is one of my favorite subjects. One day, like painting, I hope to find an opportunity to delve into that world.:)

Nice woodland cabin image! It makes my mind go to a better place. Thanks for sharing!:)
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