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Putting Faces to Names - (i.e. the Selfie thread)


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yet another mirror selfie, it's me in the mirror at the end of the corridor

©lick for actual pixels

© • Nikon D800E • AF-S Nikkor 1.8/28mm G • 1/50 sec. at f/1.8 ISO 800 • Lightroom 4.4

oops, hopefully they won't notice my M8 has turned into a D8 nowadays, anyway it's just a tool


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I obtained the AI-S version of the Micro-Nikkor 105/2.8 recently and was trying it out fitted to the Ricoh GXR. Like it a lot. Shot a photo of myself in the hall closet mirror from my desk chair and like it, once I'd cropped and played with it a little bit. :)




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Okay, I'll play. First one: M4, 50 Cron on tripod. Wearing "Cap'n Al" t-shirt and holding M6TTL LSHA .85 (prettiest camera I've ever owned, bar none)
Second one: me today


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i'll just try to sneak inside without any noise....
from a ferry....and what can you do, just do to get time going, apart from stretching your right arm out in full length,
and no this is neither a Leica too, just a Ricoh GXR with perhaps a 21 Elmarit + my wife Irene (and me)


scott kirkpatrick

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I like to sneak in this way:

If you wonder what all those little people downhill are doing, the explanation is behind me:

(Falls at Dynjandi, IS)



Not a big fan of self portraits of myself, but the frame of light around the mirror made an interesting highlight in the eye.