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  1. Large Format Film Digitize Option
  2. Translating square inches to megapixels
  3. 4x5 film?
  4. Now here are some camera's... (pinhole)
  5. IR Pano via Betterlight and Ebony SV 4x5
  6. How relaxing to shoot film again!
  7. LF lenses with MF sensor?
  8. Chamonix 4x5 or a more expensive camera
  9. Lens board hole-size
  10. Chamonix 4x5 View Finder
  11. More Fun with Large Format Film Images!
  12. Proposed RED 617 large format digital
  13. Just say one wanted to get into 8x10...
  14. Chamonix 4x5 accessories
  15. Sinar asymmetrical tilts
  16. Film for Scanning Suggestions?
  17. Digital back - options ?
  18. What´s the back of my Chamonix 4x5?
  19. For Bob (No batteries)
  20. At the edge of the cliff
  21. M-Componon 28mm or 50mm?
  22. Fine focus required?
  23. Lost and found
  24. The little guy
  25. Starting 8x10 view camera
  26. Altiplano
  27. 10x4
  28. Need Help With Buying Field Camera
  29. Time to Order Your Odd-Format Ilford Sheet Film
  30. Linhof Technikardan 45 S
  31. Six minutes of Chamonix 8x10
  32. Focus assurance question
  33. Ebony SW810
  34. Guy and Jack's Fall 2009 workshop announced!
  35. The old and the new
  36. WidePan adapter & Barrel Lenses, some questions
  37. Does anybody here knpw this guy?
  38. No more Quickload/Readyload B&W sheet film?
  40. Hasselblad DB on Tech5 + Sinar P2
  41. 570 Megapixel digital camera!
  42. LF (4x5) Newbie Questions
  43. Hey what's up?
  44. Ebony or Linhof Master Technika?
  45. Betterlight vs Canon 5D, an informal comparison
  46. Asymmetrical Tilt (and Swing?)
  47. Special Order Fujichrome Velvia 50 5×7 Sheet Film
  48. Need advice before make an investment
  49. Which 90mm f/4.5 or f/5.6?
  50. Anyone have any Readyload Tmax100 film or Acros Neopan 100 film!!?
  51. Anyone have experience with Schneider 150mm f5.6 APO-symmar L?
  52. Error in Stroebel?
  53. Linhof Master Technika vs. Chamonix 45N-2 vs. Ebony ?
  54. PowerPhase FX+ scanback in the field ?
  55. New Large Format site in Europe
  56. The Nitty Griity - Film holders, Quickloads, Oh My!
  57. Suggestions for cable releases
  58. LF Workshops
  59. Betterlight Dicomed scanningback
  60. Would like some input on the Ebony 45SU
  61. the Toho 4x5, my long term usage report
  62. How good it feels
  63. 8x10 vs 4x5?
  64. May 1, 2010: Wet Plate Day
  65. How to operate ILEX synchro electronic shutter
  66. RRS base plate for 45SU
  67. Linhof Master Technika - First Day Out
  68. LF Digital Setup
  69. Choosing an 8x10 field camera?
  70. Arca Swiss M-Line Two - Quick release Question
  71. Newbie question
  72. Pet Cemetery
  73. Nikon 360/500/720 lens
  74. Super Wide Lenses and Center Filters
  75. Bellows Factor Angle Finder Kit
  76. Wollensak 75mm f1.9 lens?
  77. Bail Back handle for large format camera
  78. Nikon SWD 75 4.5 or Nikon SWD 90 4.5 Pro's and Con's Which would you choose?
  79. Questions about understanding Image Circles
  80. Another day another question LOL
  81. Dust in Lenses
  82. Question: Compare Schneider 24mm f/5.6 Apo-Digitar XL and 28mm f/2.8 Digitar
  83. Traveling with your technical camera
  84. Wood Film Holders Vs Plastic for 8x10 Pro's and Con's
  85. Putting my New Vintage Century No. 2 in shape for shooting
  86. Vintage Large Format Camera Values What are they really?
  87. Beattie Coleman Portronic Model 90...
  88. Using a 4x5 reduction back on 8x10?
  89. Ebony RW810E from Japan?
  90. Wollensak 7 1/2 in. 190mm f4.5 Raptar ?
  91. Catching my limit or Large Format Camera's
  92. Which wide angle lens for 4x5?
  93. That's not a camera, THIS is a camera!
  94. Rodenstock 90mm Digaron W vs. 105mm Apo-Sironar
  95. vintage lenses for 4X5
  96. Toyo VX23D with 35mm lens?
  97. Audi LeMans Turbo 4x5 Focus Stack
  98. Chamonix 4X5 and universal bellows
  99. Ries Tripods?
  100. Schneider Digitar for 4x10"
  101. Information gathering for project
  102. Digital Back Adapter Plate for Chamonix View Camera
  103. How to sell a 8/10" camera
  104. Linhof Master Technika anyone?
  105. Lens hoods / shades for LF?
  106. "Journey Through Time" Platinum/Carbon transfer Exhibition.
  107. Good affordable lenses?
  108. What film does this use?
  109. Question about Kodak Readyload Holder
  110. Recommended Petzvals for 4X5
  111. shen hoa 4x5 graflok back compatability?
  112. Oh noes! What have I done!?!
  113. Large Format and Digital Back
  114. LF Lenses - APO or Digital
  115. Chamonix universal bellows with 210mm lens
  116. Looky what I bought!
  117. 4X5 macro lens
  118. Phase One flex adapter to H mount?
  119. 75mm and 90mm lens for 4x5
  120. Urgent Horseman 45fa question:
  121. Focus and composition in very dark conditions.
  122. In The Zone.......or not?
  123. large format vs. digital back on Tech camera
  124. Replacing bellow on Linhof Technika V
  125. Anyone have experience with the WidePan Hasselblad H Digital Back Adapter?
  126. Linhof Technika fresnel
  127. To explain, I'm doing up a Technika V...
  128. Viewfinder/filter for previsualizing B&W
  129. Stupid fresnel focusing question
  130. While waiting
  131. Hobo like 8x10 Cameras
  132. Ebony SW45 with roll film?
  133. Need help choosing a LF!
  134. 72mm super angulon XL on my Linhof technika iii v. 5?
  135. Looking for film lab and wide-format printing services!
  136. tail worth more than dog?
  137. Graflex XLSW + MFDB?
  138. QUESTION: CALUMET CALTAR-S II 6'' 150mm/f5.6 MC
  139. Mounting an aptus 22 to a Toyo-Omega 4x5
  140. New Eastman 2-D -- what now?
  141. Deardorff Camera
  142. Nikkor SW 120mm f/8
  143. Slow speeds too fast on Compur shutter
  144. What (relatively) inexpensive 8x10 field camera?
  145. LF flex system
  146. Shutter activation on Leaf back for 4x5
  147. sinar f2 8x10 for field work?
  148. 4x10 for people
  149. SF Bay Area LF meetup 06/10/2012
  150. Enhanced 8x10 focusing screens
  151. 4x5 for portraits
  152. Stitching Question
  153. Smaller alternative to 4x5"?
  154. Product photography - Jewelry
  155. Fuji PA-145 holder for 4x5
  156. Schneider 58mm xl or Rodenstock 55mm
  157. How to properly pronounce Cambo?
  158. Toyo G parts
  159. cap cam
  160. accurate focus with sliding back?
  161. 4X5"/6x12cm wide lenses
  162. where to get copal shutters repaired?
  163. Buying a Large format camera?
  164. old Cambo Wide: SA 47mm 5.6 MC or 65mm? non XL
  165. experiences with different 4x5 view finders?
  166. minor scratches on rodenstock sironar digital 55mm's glass
  167. Ever heard about this?
  168. Digital lenses for 6x9 (Hopefully 6x12) films!
  169. Ebony help!
  170. Travelwide 4x5 camera
  171. Help with DeVere 8x10 needed!
  172. Arca-Swiss M-Line Two Tilt Scales?
  173. 80 mm planar, which one ?
  174. The Dayi 4x5 camera
  175. the difference between two 4 by 5 _120 mm macro digital lenses
  176. new to large format - advices on camera
  177. LF Hiking
  178. Linhof Technika?
  179. George Tice Exhibit and Film
  180. Attaching a Nikon DSLR to an old Kodak view camera
  181. How about those Red Sox
  182. Linhof techno and lensplates
  183. Lens on copal/compur shutter ?
  184. Where can I buy a Burzynski Ball Head?
  185. Tech/view camera and infinity
  186. Wet Plate Collodion 4x5
  187. Ebony RSW45
  188. Different copal shutters?
  189. Screwdriver for copal shutter sync screw
  190. "Grays the Mountain Sends"
  191. Rodenstock Grandagon and Digitalback
  192. Sticky Copal shutter
  193. What is the differnce Rodenstock lenses
  194. Lenscap lost
  195. Distance Sensor to lens
  196. Really cool perspective correction app for view camera addicts
  197. Technika and slideing back?
  198. How stupid is my "project" ????
  199. Are there still pro shooting MF FILM?
  200. Mirrorless body for stitching
  201. Ilex no 4 to copal 3 shutter compatibility
  202. 3,200 MEGApixel camera
  203. Phase one 40-80mm LS
  204. NY NJ Deardorff resources
  205. Say Hi to my new Cambo Wide DS
  206. Focussing issues
  207. Need 4x5 camera recommendations (for use with Linhof lens boards)
  208. Photography Job Opening w/ National Park Service
  209. Cool processing tank for 4 x 5
  210. New 55 PN film
  211. iPad+A7R "Scanner"
  212. Help Wanted: Photographer for the National Park Service
  213. sliding 6x9 graflok back for mamiya
  214. info on this older cambo 2x3 sliding back?
  215. Bounce an idea, re Arca-Swiss monorails
  216. Ebony RIP
  217. 4x5 Multi-Sheet Panorama technique with a Travelwide 90?
  218. franken-lens /19 C. optics question
  219. The Art of Engineering: a review of the Gibellini 4x5 Camera
  220. Cambo SCH Geared Head Question
  221. 5x4 - wood (Ebony) vs metal (Linhof MT)
  222. Cambo Wooden grip handles - DIY?
  223. Trying to identify this camera
  224. Deleted
  225. My new Gibellini 4x5: A truly custom camera...
  226. Want to get started with a Sinar P3
  227. Better Light Scanning Cameras
  228. Alternative film processing
  229. Want to marry Sinar P and Arca 6x9, have questions
  230. Technical Camera help please
  231. Starting to get the hang of this still life photography
  232. East Coast of America B&W
  233. Home made large format camera ideas
  234. Adapting 4x5 Sinar f with Digital backs?
  235. Possibility of reducing backs for shooting 4 x 5
  236. Alternative to rise and fall?
  237. The Wisner Convertible Plasmat
  238. Hasselblad X1D / Cambo Ultima / Rodenstock eShutter
  239. Large Format Lenses WANTED to buy
  240. Fujinon W
  241. Looking for replace for bellows for Technika 13x18- problems with china stuff
  242. 6x17 back on Cambo WDS
  243. Malefic 6x17 camera - experiences?
  244. moved post
  245. LF field pricing ?
  246. Lightphase sliding back. What camera?
  247. Large format 4x6 and larger digital back?