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More and more film fun with something other than a Leica M


Yes Godfrey, get well soon.

My left shoulder has been bad for many years. So bad, in fact, that I can no longer compete in small bore or high power prone competitions. I've considered shoulder replacement surgery that past few years, but the results aren't that great. Not yet at least, though they seem to be improving. I have to weigh out the surgery with my age vs results so it's complicated. Hip replacements are much further advanced and less complicated than shoulder.

Cheers and continue on a healthy, hopefully pain-free recovery,



Here in use a Nikon F4 with waist level finder, AF D Nikkor 1.4/50mm
Adox Silvermax 100, Wehner Developer
Negative scan with an Epson V700



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The Negative Supply "120 Film Carrier" I pledged on arrived the other day. Have to say: It was expensive, but it's a very robust and solid piece of equipment! It and its ProMount 2 accessory are about as sturdy as you can get. It comes supplied with masks for 645, 6x6, 6x7, and 6x9 formats. The film channel and hold down frame positions the negative very precisely.

I'll set up and test it today with some film I've already scanned to see what differences might be seen in the scans. I'm sure it will be more convenient to scan through a roll of film already just from learning how to use it. :)

Fun fun fun! Time to load up an A12 back and go for another walk..



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Due to the COVID lockdown and the currrent heat wave I started scanning some old colour slides (Kodachrome).

Here's three I took at the Grand Canyon Railroad in May 1994.

All Olympus OM2sp + Panagor 28/2 (I still use this lens on my mirrorless bodies today)


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As you know, all Polaroid and Fuji pack film has long been discontinued. Stocks of fresh film are almost gone, packs of Fuji FP100c are going on Ebay for $50 and higher, etc. It's a done deal.

But some people don't let go easily. SuperSense decided that someone has to care, and they did. So they created the One Instant project and ran a Kickstarter to fund it. I can't help but make a pledge to crazies like that.

Today, my pledge was delivered:

“Eighteen Exposures to Eternity"

Fresh, new Polaroid-compatible pack film from SuperSense: 18 photographs and a camera to use them in. Each pack has ONE shot in it.

I've been waiting a long time to see this. I may never buy more, but there are eighteen exposures now available to convince me it's worth the money. And to enjoy the heck out of regardless whether it is or not. :)