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Thread: Nikon 58/1.4

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    Nikon 58/1.4

    Any users, experiences, opinions?

    Seems nice, if one gets the focus sorted, I read.

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    Re: Nikon 58/1.4

    There are active discussion in

    The 58mm F/1.4G Thread - FM Forums
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    Re: Nikon 58/1.4

    There is also this thread where it's discussed against the Sigma 50 ART:

    And my summary comment from that thread with what I think is the relevant purpose of the 58/1.4:
    "The new Sigma 50 ART lens is a winner for a fast 50, period. But the Nikkor is a 58... Those extra 8mm may not sound like much, but they make a world of difference if you're a portrait shooter instead of a street shooter; the difference between ever so slightly slightly bulbous noses and flatter pert noses on a typical head-shot."

    That said, I am thinking about adding the 58 to my arsenal just to have it as an alternative...

    "Perfection is not attainable. But if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence."
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